I know that there are a lot of people out there, like me, who have very open minds, and who love to give others ideas or advice. Now, I will be letting you guys be a part of my work. If you have any ideas, wether it would be for my website (here), or for my Youtube videos! Basically, the type of input I would like to get from you guys who want to be a part of my website, will be topics. If there is something going on in the entertainment industry that I’m unaware of or that I don’t have posted yet, please feel free to contact me with your input. If you would like to give me ideas for my Youtube videos, that is fine too! Just make sure to check out my channel first to make sure I don’t have that topic covered already. If you would like to give me any type of input or ideas, please comment below with your thoughts. Please make sure that it’s appropriate. I will respond back to you if I approve of your idea! I can’t wait to get some news ideas from everyone!



One response to “Input

  1. Could you please do a video about Michael Buble, I love him.

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